Conductive Knee Sleeve

Stim-U-Wear conductive garments offer comfortable electrotherapy stimulation to areas that are not effectively treated by traditional adhesive electrodes. These form-fitting garments made of highly conductive antibacterial silver yarns, provide stimulation over the entire surface area of the garment, eliminating hot spots often found in other garments. This is a preferred treatment option for pain management or muscle rehabilitation.



Features & Benefits

  • Effective treatment for patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel, Arthritic Pain, Diabetic Neuropathy, and Repetitive Strain Disorders
  • Increases circulation, reduces edema and post-operative swelling and pain
  • Provides comfortable, even stimulation throughout the entire surface area of
    the garment electrode
  • Compatible with all makes and models of electrotherapy stimulators
  • Non-gelled alternative electrode for patients with skin sensitivities
  • High-end quality, low-end price!